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Leading The Way In
Savings and Credit For Over 25 Years

We are a credit and savings organizations based in Kenya having branches in five major towns in Kenya namely: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Meru, and Eldoret and we boast of having a strong solid presence guided on:

  • Key focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Various savings and credit products.
  • Core values and a strong foundational background.

We began as a small welfare group comprising of staff from various departments who were under one employer, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya in the mid-’90s. With a strong foundational background, we started attracting a good number of members which in turn transformed our membership structure, operational and organizational mode and in no time, we were fully registered as an independent organization.


Our Sacco History

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1994 - Establishment of Sacco

Start and establishment of the sacco. This phase saw a gradual development of the sacco with a gradual increase and transformational leadership which saw the sacco grow from a welfare association to a fully independent organization.

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2002 - We Improved Ourselves

This phase saw an evident growth in the sacco. A positive rise in sacco members was noticed attracting member who also were not part of one employer.

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2007 - Improved front office sacco activities

With the increase in membership, we developed our sacco strategies and introduced various products accompanied with FOSA activities and various channels that support it.

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2013 - Opened 5 offices countrywide

During this phase, we extended our membership to other regions of the country establishing branch offices. This was met with a very positive response as it saw a steady rise in the sacco. We also digitized our sacco operations for the effective and smooth running of the sacco.

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