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We have seen several people benefit from a variety of loan products and financial programs. Having been in existence for some time now, our capacity has increased tremendously and our capacity enlarged in sustaining our growth. We have a few success stories below among the many we have assisted.

SOS Sacco came in handy when I had enormous bills to sort out whilst we were facing a salary delay at my workplace. Being a bonafide member, it was easy to get an emergency loan instantly without much delay. I was able to sort our my personal bills. Mbarikiwe sana!

Natasha Likimani

Insurance Agent

I wanted a quick loan to help me establish a branch office of my firm in Nakuru. With several calculations, I was just steps away from fulfilling that but after contacting sacco and showing my repayment plan, I managed to obtain a development loan that helped me establish. Thanks

Hosea Wafula

Product Designer

I had a court case and the legal affairs had taken a huge turn. With no savings in place, I was a bit struck by the turnout of events and was in a daze. I walked into the sacco offices, explained my situation in detail, and came out with an emergency loan, and instantly my court cases sorted.

Martha Karimi

Real Estate developer

I have been in the automotive business for close to twelve years and after the covid hit, sales went so low and with no stock, our profit margins were really affected now that no imports were minimal or with overpriced tags. To keep my business running, the sacco gave some good amount of cash that sustained me for quite a while. Thanks much.

Martin Mc’otieno

Technical Manager

Mine is simple, around last year I planned to travel down the coast but with little savings, I thought I couldn't be able to make it. With much consultations, the idea of asking for a loan came in, and effortlessly I managed to get a holiday loan from the sacco. I enjoyed. Don't get stuck, they can help also.

Maria Hassan


I was in a financial fix after being reinstated at my workplace. With no source of income and kid's school fees on my list, sacco came in handy. I asked for a loan and in 24 hrs I managed to get one. Asanteni sana

Benjamin Mo

Marketing Agent

I have always managed to get various easy loans cashouts whenever am in some fix to help my beauty and cosmetics business pick. The sacco has been my pillar for over five years now and thanks to its management. Deeply appreciated.

Kendi Hildah


I have reached this far through the sacco's help. At the end of my education, I managed to secure a loan that helped me complete my last semesters successfully until my graduation. They came at the right time. Thanks

Andrew Zulu


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